10 ideas for a pretty winter garden

Think winter is all about sadness in the garden? Think again ! Here are some tips to bring life and color to your exterior even during the cold season.

  10 ideas for a pretty winter garden

If the frosts of winter limit the choice of plants and therefore their flowering, it is still possible to benefit from bright colors throughout the year. We will be able to adopt certain flowers , among which the roses of Christmas , bergenia, camellia, hellebore, winter heather, witch hazel, mimosa, jasmin winter...

For the more creative, many others tips can bring life and cheerfulness to the garden without waiting until spring. Bark, evergreen shrubs, berries, accessories... not to mention the walls and facades, which put certain plants, such as climbers, in particular value.

Embrace winter flowers

No, spring and summer do not have a monopoly on flowering. By choosing your plants well, you will ensure that your garden has optimal flowering throughout the year. Thus, for a colorful garden, you will have the choice between the different varieties of roses of Christmas , the bergenia , easy to grow and ideal for rockeries, or the camellia , which will spread its generous petals until early spring. Also consider the hellébore , to the winter heather , perfect ground cover, to the witch Hazel with a bewitching fragrance... Before making your choice, check the plant hardiness so that low temperatures spare them. Some flowers are particularly resistant to frost , among which the primroses and the thoughts violated . Discover other flowers that like winter:

Decorate your windows

When the garden is dormant, why not rely on the house or apartment to offset the colors of the beautiful season? By betting on the shutter color , which you will choose preferably vive, and placing a matching planter filled with suitable flowers ( hyacinths white for example), the aesthetic effect will be most successful.

Inside, if you have a ledge, indulge in cultivation of indoor plants ( bulbs ) that will brighten up the window. Create mini-scenes using decorative pots, candles, while ensuring the harmony of colors.

Hyacinths and other bulbous plants, to decorate windowsills

Focus on foliage

By the diversity of their shapes, foliage is an interesting option to brighten up the garden. THE green leaves will provide more luminosity, while the red leaves and gold will punctuate the garden with a warm touch. THE evergreens structure the space and are therefore essential. Think of eleagnus, cedar, holly ... Finally, be aware that some shrubs have particularly decorative bark, such as the red dogwood, the birch , Tibetan plum, black bamboo...

Grow Berries

Ornamental berry shrubs are beautiful this time of year. There are many plants to choose from: skimmia, gaultheria, holly or pernettya , their fruiting can last up to 3 months, until February. You will also enjoy their pretty flowering in spring (skimmia, holly) or fall (gaultheria, pernettya), and beautiful foliage all year round.

Dress trees that have lost their leaves

Admittedly, trees are not the most colorful plants in the garden in winter. However, under their austere airs, they conceal many secrets that will allow them to be further enhanced. You can opt for the arrangement of garlands and decorative lights . You may also prefer certain barks, which are particularly ornamental, such as snakeskin maple, which has green bark streaked with white, Manchurian cherry, with yellow-brown bark, or birch Himalayas, of immaculate whiteness.

Opt for color

No, winter doesn't only rhyme with greyness... not in the garden anyway. Flowers, bark, accessories, the whole thing is to play on the colors while respecting a minimum of harmony to avoid any bad taste. Prefer warm colors, and reserve cold colors for the rest area, the pool... A green background will highlight the other colors. Finally, take into account the materials of your home so as not to make any mistakes.

Mimosa under the snow

Cover the walls

What could be better than a pretty waterfall of greenery to face the pale winter light? THE climbers , including Virginia creeper, ivy, glycine , rose bush, jasmine or honeysuckle, are to be placed on facades, pergolas and fences. Some, like the winter jasmine, flower as early as November, and others, like the clematis alpina, offers at this same period very decorative achenes which persist all winter.

Clematis alpina achenes

Invite the birds

In winter, not all birds migrate, and some choose to stay in our cool lands and get by...which doesn't prevent a slight boost. Chickadee, robin, finch and other goldfinch bring the gardens to life with their little movements and their chirping. By having a birdhouse inside which you will have placed seeds, fruits and tallow, you will have the pleasure of observing this fauna which will bring life back to gardens that are too silent.

Play with garden furniture

To brighten up the outdoors even in winter, count on your garden furniture! A colorful terrace can for example add a note of good humor outside. During the winter season, the brazier will also be your ally, not only to give style to your space but also to allow you to enjoy your garden even when the temperatures are very cold.

Let your imagination run wild

Accessories, staging, various containers, suspensions... In winter, as in every season, the essential thing is to create your personal atmosphere. If the choice of plants is, it is true, more limited in this period, nothing prevents you from playing on the other elements. THE materials used for the terrace (wood, stone), the ornamental elements (statues, figurines), the lightings , THE forms (hedges, beds)... If the frost is there, the imagination has not said its last word.

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