Noémie Honiat: who is the new member of the jury for La Meilleur Boulangerie de France?

The new season of La Meilleur Boulangerie de France welcomes a new member of the jury. Who is Noémie Honiat? Response items.
To cook 2023-01-04 09:25:03 by Terry

The 6 questions you ask the most about Ferrero Rocher

Each year, the Ferrero Rocher invade the shelves of supermarkets and for good reason it is THE most consumed festive product in France. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brand, we have answered the questions you have the most about Ferrero Rocher.
To cook 2023-01-04 09:24:06 by Terry

Thibaut Spiwack: the Top Chef signed the letter to the rest of Emily in Paris

In Emily in Paris, Gabriel owes a lot to former Top Chef Thibaut Spiwack. We will explain everything to you !
To cook 2023-01-04 09:24:04 by Terry

Discover how Cyril Lignac twists the usual sea bream tartare

For the last of Tous en Cuisine in 2022, Cyril Lignac suggests we twist the sea bream tartare with mango and vanilla. Here is the recipe.
To cook 2022-12-31 11:42:02 by Terry

Cannes Film Festival 2023: Awards, Jane Fonda's (crazy) gesture, controversy over Justine Triet's speech ... All you need to know

The 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival got people talking! While director Justine Triet's speech divides the Web, Jane Fonda made a (very) surprising gesture. Find out what not to miss from the Festival and the winners...
Stars 2023-05-30 17:31:03 by Terry

Catherine Lara is 78 years old: Passion with Muriel Robin, love with Moustaki, couple with Barbara... Know everything

Catherine Lara turns 78 on May 29! Always deliciously spicy and funny, the singer and violinist has seen all the colors. Her beginnings with Nougaro, her trouple, her story with Samantha, through her dislike of underwear and her collection of jokes, discover the secrets of the diamond rocker.
Stars 2023-05-29 17:28:03 by Terry

What happened to Corinne Hermès, winner of Eurovision exactly 40 years ago?

This French singer won the famous competition representing Luxembourg with her song 'Si la vie est un gift'. What has she been doing since? Did this award allow him to take off his career? We tell you everything.
Stars 2023-05-29 17:28:03 by Terry

Singer M clashed by a relative: 'He earns too much money'!

A friend like that, we don't want it! In an interview with 'Télérama', Cyril Atef, a former musician of singer Matthieu Chedid dit M, gave his very cash opinion on the music of his former colleague. And a little scratch on the money he earns...
Stars 2023-05-28 17:25:03 by Terry